Clash of Clans: Strategic Guide along with Tips and Tricks

Clash of Clans: Strategic Guide along with Tips and Tricks

Clash of Clans was released about two and a half years ago and is considered as a real time tactic based building game. It was created by the well-known company known as Super Cell. Currently it’s a very active and famous game and approximately more than 5,000,000 people are playing it on regular basis.

In this game, players collect medicine, gold and dark elixir to build a kingdom while having the goal of gradually preparing the strong troops to attack and search in a single player game. In Clash of Cans protecting some one’s kingdom is very important and players must keep it in mind and should plan accordingly with the bombs, walls, guns and much more. On order to increase the flow of resources players should upgrade the mines and also with the help of 4 tier system troop unlock 18 types of heroes and soldiers.

Clash of Clans: Strategic Guide along with Tips and Tricks

  1. Shields up:

When you start this game, getting attacked can suck but fortunately if 40% of your area is damaged or even town hall is decaying, you will have a 12 hours protection. You will also get some more extra hours if 90% of the range is spread out. So how will you use this time in order to make it more valuable? It is recommended to think about the different ways of, how to enhance the economy, how to build up the army, how to upgrade towers etc. in clash of clan, shield are considered quite useful because sometimes players voluntarily want to move the town hall out in to the open, they will even lose their some of the useful resources but according got them the amount of safety time they get out of it is much more valuable.

  1. Revenge is must

Sometimes, players get attacked when they are away and their shield is also down. But remember it that getting attacked also considered as an exceptional chance. Because when you reviewed the list the enemies who destroy your town while you were away, fortunately you can take a revenge by attacking them back. This is called a planned benefit because with this, players can view thier town in-detail before attacking and accordingly plan the attack. It is recommended to check site of the Town Hall and the storages.

  1. Cheap Units must be used first

Always consider the cost of unit before using them in the battle. This is one of the popular and repeated mistake made by the beginners. In Clash of Clans, Giants are more expensive as compare to Barbarians but they are perfect. Similarly at next level, dragons are good but they cost you more money as compare to giants.

  1. Look for attacking players for addition in clan

Once the players have passed the town level, also gone through the single player levels and moreover have rebuild the castle, then undoubtedly they are very much committed and now ready to start getting into the well-organized clan play. These are considered as a good ways to socialize in the game and organized attacks also help you to bring in some attractive good pulls.

Always remember while playing the game that though players can use clans but they will also ask to give the troops also, because it is always a team work.

  1. Trophies must be collect and used

The main objective of the players in this game is to collect number of trophies. This collection of trophies will help you to reach a higher place in game.

  1.  “Next” feature

While collecting the trophies or some other resources, players must be skipping around with the next button. Because this will them to find a good base to attack the enemies. Make it sure that you have a perfect base before you spend all the units on attacking because it cost a bit of gold in order to jump to the next base. It is recommended to save some gold so you can use the Next option.

  1. Tailor accordingly

In order to win the game, try to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies, this will help you to build the most perfect army. It is suggested to use a lookout function for the targeted enemy camp and then build your army around overpowering it. Try to make specialized requests in the clan chat for the different type of troop you want to attack the enemy.


Brave Frontier Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Brave Frontier Tips, Cheats, and Strategies 

Brave Frontier is one of the most famous and exciting RPGs game for the iOS and Android. This game comes with a lot of amazing features. At the beginning this game sounds very simple but as you spend two or three hours while playing the game, you might face many different challenges. It allows you to do a couple of things such as you can participate in ground battles, can play in a single player mode, encounter in tough side missions which are commonly called Vortex Gates.

In order to play the in a more intelligent manner follow the below given tips:

  • Building your Team:

It is important to select your starter wisely. Because starter play an important role during the whole game. There are four types of starters such as Vargas the fire starter, Selena the water starter, Lance the earth starter and last one is Eze the thunder starter. Every starter has its own features. Another important thing is try to take advantage of the starter weaknesses. Because majority of the battles in the brave frontier cheats for android are created around a starter theme. Remember that in the beginning of the game, don’t focus your entire attention on party building.

  • Focus on Every Unit’s Brave Burst skill:

It is important to pay attention to brave burst skills. Because brave burst has the capacity to turn the flow of any kind of battle. Brave Burst are quite useful in boss battles. These are huge number of brave burst skills but according to the type and usage these skills varies a lot from another. It can be said that some skills are better than the other skills.

  • Pick a Good Leader:

In brave frontier leader play a vital role so it is necessary to select a most powerful leader. Try to select a leader who has an ability to weaken the enemies or can strengthen his team with leadership skills. As your go through the game, you have to select another player’s leader. If your co-player select the same leader every time while playing the game, so it is suggested to plan around that and select an exemplary leader. Continue reading “Brave Frontier Tips, Cheats, and Strategies”